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Making Lemons into Lemonade
A "Hair Raising" Event!

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There is a team of people, both women and men, here at McDonald’s that have agreed to take a big haircut (some shaved – some major hair cut) in support of, a great charity, Ronald McDonald Houses Canada (RMHC) and to support me during this journey.

My personal goal is $15,000 – 115 Nights for families at one of our 14 Houses in Canada. If I hit this goal, my Daughter Zarina (age 7), will be using the clippers to get the job started.

As you know, I have been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and it was a bit of a shock. When I met with my Oncologist, he mentioned that I would probably lose some weight but my hair should just lightly thin … well he was wrong on both accounts  … I have gained weight on chemo and I started to lose my hair beginning with my first chemo (the LEMONS) ... when this happened, I was thinking how could I turn this into a positive story and I thought we could do a “Hair Raising” fundraiser (the LEMONAIDE) … the support has been amazing and the volunteers that are also getting their haircuts were so willing to join.

Why RMHC **:
There are so many great charities, in fact I have volunteered at many over the years … but after much thought, I really felt RMHC was the right choice. I mentioned that I was a little shocked with the diagnosis and prognosis, but I could not imagine if this was my daughter or any child … to make it worst, what if it was a family living out of town with no support in Toronto, limited income since parents don’t receive short term disability for their children and they face high housing or hotel cost?. I pray that we, along with any other parents, will never need RMHC but it really makes me happy to knowing it is there when a family needs it.

What to donate:
This is a simple question, donate if you feel compelled and donate what you are comfortable. I know that many of you have charities of choice and please be aware that this ask may not resonate with you directly so there are no hard feelings if you are not able or willing to contribute … One thing I wanted to mention is that the cost to house a family at RMHC for one night is $130 so any donation is appreciated !!!

Thanks again for reviewing this request and please know I continue to appreciate the prayers and good intentions that I have received it really has helped me to stay healthy and positive.

With your help, we can turn “Lemons into Lemonade”



** Did you know?
There are 14 Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada providing a home away from home for out of town families with children receiving treatment at a nearby hospital.
Last year, Ronald McDonald Houses and their programs served 23,409 families.
To meet the continuous need, the number of bedrooms at Ronald McDonald Houses will increase by another 21% in 2014, from 389 to 470.

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