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Welcome to the fundraising page of
Easton Hay

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A mans legacy has nothing to do with what he gives to himself, its about what he does for others.

Eastons story

17 years ago I was born with a severe condition known as Gastroscisis. My parents lived in Pincher Creek, and had no money to afford hotel rooms in Calgary to stay close to me. Ronald McDonald House with open arms accepted my parents in to stay close to me while I was healing. Thanks to them my parents got to stay with me during my most fragile time. Two years ago I had bought a long board as a gift for my dad. Ever since then we have been riding together most every evening the weather will allow. By doing what we know and love, we see an opportunity to give back to Ronald McDonald House. With an epic longboard trip, we hope to raise awareness and donations to help support the RMHC to help other families just the same as our own. Our plan is to start at the Alberta/B.C border and ride clear across British Colombia along highway 3 with our trip ending in Tofino. This trip is going to be a brutal test of both our mental and physical abilities to persevere. The trip is roughly 1250kms long, and at 15kms and will take a little time lol. We are planning on it taking 10 days, but it is hard to say how difficult it will be going through the mountains. We have decided as a team against having a support vehicle to follow. We felt that if we are just stranded, our only choice is to move forward. A vehicle might make us cave in during a trying moment and give in. We don't want that to even be an option. So, we are going full bear grills style. To reduce weight, we are just carrying a water purifying pump so we can drink from any water source we pass, and we are mailing supplies to towns via general delivery to give us any needed items we don't want to carry. The end of the trip, we chose to be tofino, because we wanted to reward our efforts with an afternoon of surfing and sand. A happy and worth while ending. An ending we wish for every family who is suffering the challenges of a child in the hospital.
You are free to ride with us, and thank you so much for helping us support the RMHC

Mikes story

My wife Eideh and I were very young when she became pregnant with our son Easton. We were both teenagers with very little help beyond our own means. That alone seemed very scary, but soon after, we discovered our son was not well. He was diagnosed with Gastroschisis, a development situation where half of his intestines were actually forming on the outside of his body through a hole in his belly. It was horrifying for us. Our Doctors told us he would have a very low chance of surviving birth, and if he did, his ongoing conditions would be challenging and severe. There was a chance of him coming out mentally challenged, as well as being permenantly frail and weak. Too weak to even ever participate in gym class. The recommendation was to terminate the pregnancy. It was devastating to us, but not an option we cared to even entertain. We decided that we would not be given this challenge if we were not strong enough to face it.
We were from Pincher Creek, and it was a several hour drive back and forth to the hospital throughout the pregnancy, and on one of the latter trips, the doctors decided they needed to induce her early because Easton was not doing well. This caught us off guard, and we were soooo unprepared. I'm not sure if anyone could ever be prepared for such a traumatic experience, and my heart breaks to this day for all the people dealing with similar situations as we speak. I was trying to be strong for my wife and new baby, but I was so lost. I did not know what to do. I did not know where to go, and I didn't Know how long we would be in Calgary for. My world was shattered, but then a wonderful lady at the hospital directed us to the Ronald McDonald House. I had never felt such gratitude for someone and something like this before in my life. It was wonderful. It was safe, and welcoming, and became our home for the next 6 weeks. 4 weeks in the Calgary home, and then an additional 2 weeks in Edmonton due to further complications. To this day, I still have no idea what we would have done without the help of the RMHC, and I am forever grateful.
Easton made a miraculus recovery during those 6 weeks, and soon was sent home with us. As weeks turned to months, and months into years, my son grew. He grew strong, and never once had a complication as we were warned. He was a warrior, and now has grown into a powerful young man. He gave me a longboard about 2 years ago as a present, and we ride and ride and ride together. This summer, we are going for an epic ride. The pair of us, along with his best friend Kieth. We are going to ride clear across British Columbia. From the B.C/Alberta border near sparwood along hiway 3, all the way to Tofino where we plan to surf for an afternoon together.
This longboard trip will be an excruciating 1250 kms long,and the greatest challenge of our lives. At about 15 kms an hour, we anticipate it will take us a minimum of 10 days to accomplish. This will be a demonstration of our appreciation for the RMHC, and a commitment to raise awareness for how important I believe this place is for all rural Canadians who just one day may need the help of the Home as we did.
Please support us generously to help our fund raiser for the RMHC. You may donate now by clicking the icon on the top right of the page, or if you would like to sponsor on a per km basis at say .50cents or 1.00 dollar, please let me know so I can keep you up to date on our progress. We will leave either the 6th or the 11th, depending on work, but after Canada day to reduce our dangers of heavy traffic.
Thank you so very much,
Mike Hay.

I would like to thank my daughter Katana and her best friend Lauren for making our team logo, and for all their efforts to support us on our trip. They are our base camp and will be setting up our newspaper interviews on the trip.
I would also like to thank both Landyachtz as well as Brakeboard for helping support our cause with the skate gear we are going to be needing for our journey.

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